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  • Pediatric care that goes ABOVE and BEYOND for every child, every family, every time
  • Serving Western Cincinnati for over 50 years
  • Masks are now OPTIONAL for our WELL patients/families. Masks are still REQUIRED for all ILL visits.
  • Evening hours at both locations.
    Available until 7pm Monday - Thursday.
  • Flu Shots are available for all kids > 6 months! Please call to schedule your child's flu shot!



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Meet Our Staff

  • Leenata Maddiwar,

    Dr. Maddiwar has been at West Side Pediatrics since 1998. She is responsible for keeping the laboratories running smoothly in both offices. Read more

  • Micheline Maamari,

    Dr. Maamari has been at West Side Pediatrics since 2005. After completing her residency in 1996, she provided patient care in community health centers before joining our practice. Read more

  • Pamela Holmes,

    Dr. Holmes has been with West Side Pediatrics since 2011. After completing her residency in 2009, she cared for infants in a hospital nursery before joining our practice. Read more

  • Jennifer France,

    Dr. France has been with West Side Pediatrics since 2015. She has a special interest in legislative child advocacy and preventative medicine. Read more

  • Annie Altenau,

    Annie Altenau, CPNP joined West Side Pediatrics in 2017 after working as a nurse practitioner in Springfield, Ohio. She grew up in Cincinnati, and is excited to be working back in the area. Read more

  • Emily Eagen,

    Dr. Eagen joined West Side Pediatrics in 2018. She was born and raised in Cincinnati. She went to McAuley High School, Xavier University, and University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Read more

  • Jillian Klein,

    Dr. Klein joined West Side Pediatrics in 2018. She spent the 10 years prior working at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in the primary care clinic and caring for newborns at The Christ Hospital nursery.  Read more

  • Kristin Dinkelaker, M.D.

    Dr. Dinkelaker joined West Side Pediatrics in 2021. She attended medical school at Washington University in St. Louis and completed her pediatrics residency at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Read more

  • Kate Barnes, LISW-S

    We are excited to welcome Kate Barnes, LISW-S to the WSP team in April 2022! Kate is a licensed clinical social worker who will be providing mental and behavioral health services, as well as developmental screening and coaching at WSP. Read more

  • Jessica Lear,

    WSP is excited to welcome Jessica Lear, APRN to the team in March 2023! She comes to us with almost 6 years of nurse practitioner experience Read more

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I never have a problem getting in when we need to. My kids love all the doctors. If I have a sick question they are always quick to respond with a call back.

Susan Antal

Dr. Holmes is the best. Our children love to see her. She always takes the time to listen to what we need answered.

Brandon Keller

I've gone to this place since I was a child and now I send my son there. I can't tell you how many times doctor's have called us back at 2 am! Getting appointments here is a breeze and the staff is always so helpful. I can't imagine going anywhere else.

Katelyn Price

Absolutely amazing staff!!

Mary Hoeh

We've been going here for about 4 years, ever since my son was born. I've never had any issues. Dr. Mamaari is always patient and kind to my son. I don't have trouble scheduling a sick or well visit.

Ashley Gardner

Took my kids out the ppc at children's and put them here. Best move I've made love it. It is always nice clean and my kids like it.

Amanda Preston

We love it here . Fairly new to the practice . Dr. Klein is amazing.

Lola Huggington

I absolutely LOVE West Side Pediatrics. My son is 3.5 years old and we have been going there since he was born. I love every staff member from the administration to nurse practitioners to pediatricians. They are consistently trying to improve although I already think they do a miraculous job. I have never had an issue getting in when my little man was sick and we never have to wait. When I was little my parents had such a struggle with my sister and I when we were miserable and sick. They have very entertaining clean waiting rooms although we rarely wait more then a couple minutes. Everyone is so loving and so thorough to answer each and every question I have until I completely understand. I have never felt rushed like I do at my own doctors office. Especially the ladies at the Harrison location at the front desk. They are so caring, thoughtful, helpful, loving, and always there for us. Thank you so much West Side Pediatrics!!!! 

Alyssa Marie

Love this place been going there for 21 years.

Tammy Turner

Absolutely love the doctors, they really care about our kids.

Jessica Morris Vollrath

Wonderful practice- staff & physicians!! Highly recommend!

Lindsey Hartmann

I have been with them since my son was 6 months old! I love them!

Samantha Brewster

I love West Side Pediatrics. I went there when I was young, and all my 4 kids go there.

Denice King

I highly recommend this place! They are by far the best with kids.

LaShawn Jump

Love all the Dr's. I can always get in when my children are sick. Also great at getting back to you quickly when you call with a concern.

Susan Rettig- Antal

I loved Westside Peds when my child went there. Dr. Burrows was awesome and Dr. Gibbons was wonderful! Dr. Gibbons is very thorough, great with kids, and a very good teacher to the docs at Children's.

Nichole Hamilton Young

I love West Side Pediatrics! Dr. Hunter is my favorite. We live in Ross and instead of changing to a doctor near us, I will make the 40-45 minutes drive to WSP. Kathy knows my daughter by name and face. She has been there since my daughter was born. Many of the staff have been there the 8 years we have been going there and that speaks volumes to me. I am always able to get an appointment quickly when needed.

Carolyn Holbrock Martin

I am so lucky to not only be a part of this wonderful practice but also to bring my beautiful daughter here. My daughter has severe white coat syndrome and the providers and medical assistants always try everything they can to make her feel safe and smile. Kelly is honestly amazing at her job. They remember little details not only about her but also me and my life. I would not want to take her anywhere else. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to my daughter.

Ashley Nicole Smith

Love the practice! They spend so much time with you. They are attentive and you can get in fast. Plus, the hours are great for busy working parents. All the physicians we've seen have been fantastic!

Manan Shah

Wonderful staff! The doctors take the time to really get to know each child, and their family. They provide excellent care and are very knowledgeable. They also have evening and weekend hours, and are able to provide same day appointments for children who are sick.

Tricia Heis Collins

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